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Pasella’s NEWEST member to the presenter team, Mishka Patel, tells us all about her experience with BUDDS By DJ Fresh.

By January 19, 2016 News No Comments
Mishka Patel Profile

Shes beautiful, driven and known for those gorgeous long legs that never seem to end, Mishka Patel, former Miss SA finalist and newest member to the Pasella presenter team, takes 5 minutes out of her busy day to share with us  her fitness journey with BUDDS By DJ Fresh so far.

Tell us about your workouts, what do they consist of?

I like trying new things and keeping my body fit. Right now I do SWEAT 1000 once a week, a Bodytec session Once a week, 2-3 sessions with Mia’s training (high-intensity training & it consists of weight training combined with cardio) and I try and run a 5-10km a week. In between all of this,  I also attend a gym In Stellenbosch, Perfect Health.

What is your favorite workout track to listen too ?

I like music with a beat and music that makes my body want to move- I started listening to trap Music (youtube) during my workouts lately and I have to say, It makes quite a difference in my training intensity – It’s  you, your fitness and your music.

How has BUDDS By DJ Fresh changed your workout?

I train so much harder now that I have quality sound and music playing while I train, with no hassles of earphones falling out while running or cords getting tangled in your workout gear.

When do you mostly use them? Skyping? Working? Music or for fitness?

Music and Fitness

Do you feel that your performance enhances whilst working out with your set of BUDDS By DJ Fresh?

Yes of course. Music (& quality SOUND) makes such a huge difference. If you don’t have a pair of BUDDS yet, you don’t know the true value of hard-core training with quality sound.