How to Install Carmate Pro 4.1 in 3 EASY steps

  1. Attached Airvent holder to dash.
  2. Plugin Carmate pro into cigarette lighter socket.
  3. Tune radio to 108fm and pair BT CARKIT 30

What Frequency setting to use?

Tune your radio to 108 Mhz (factory setting) or choose a new frequency that has no radio station. Using your car radio, program a button such as station NO 6 to the CARMATE channel to allow easy access and reconnection. Whilst the CARMATE PRO advanced FM modulator will overplay incoming radio stations it is best to find a clear channel, then match that same frequency on to CARMATE PRO by pressing the UP/DOWN buttons on the unit.

How do I pair CARMATE PRO?

Switch the mobile phone Bluetooth settings to the activated state for VOICE & MUSIC , If a password is required enter the password “0000” {some mobile phones do not require a password, automatically connect}. Only one Bluetooth connection can be made

How to get Bluetooth to reconnect?

Bluetooth connect/reconnect is dependent on the phone, ensure Bluetooth is on, the best way to check is go first to play music and in most instances it re-connects automatically. Failing which go to Blue Tooth settings and reconnect.

How do I connect non Bluetooth Devices?

Plug your compatible SD Card into the SD port or USB Flash Drive into the USB port of your CARMATE PRO.

How to change the frequency?

Single Press Up arrow: Increase the frequency, Single Press Down arrow: Decrease the frequency.

How to adjust volume?

Long Press Right arrow: Increase the volume, Long Press Left arrow: Decrease the volume.

Choose /Change Music Tracks?

Single Press » button :Play the next song Single Press « button: Play the previous song

Answer and hang up the phone?

Press green button to receive and red button hang-up.

How to get Best sound?

Check your phone for settings such as Vibrate/Mute. Phone Sound level should be on max. Use CARMATE PRO volume on full (15) and Car Radio on medium Volume.

No Sound Playing?

Check Bluetooth is connected for music / Check Volume Levels, check music is playing.

Plugging in Car Charger Disconnects Bluetooth/Stops Music?

Depending upon the model phone, we have found some phones see the connection of the USB charger as a data connection and will act accordingly, some phones disconnect Bluetooth when inserted. Advice if this issue impacts you we suggest to plug in charger before connecting Bluetooth to CARMATE PRO.

Malfunction and Warranty?

Your CARAMATE PRO has a factory warranty for 12 months from date of purchase. Please keep receipt or proof of purchase and we will gladly replace any faulty unit. Contact World Focus THP Imports Unit 10 the Boardwalk Cape Town Tel 021 790 2240.