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DJ fresh wants you to listen to him

By January 31, 2016 Reviews No Comments

Thato Sikwane, aka DJ Fresh, has launched his own wireless earphones called Budds by DJ Fresh. As a gym fanatic and sports lover, he saw a gap in the market to cater for active people. Music and working out go hand in hand, and the earphones will make life easier.

By Keletso Modisakeng  

How often do you work out?

I go to the gym as often as possible and I exercise for an hour. But, due to my hectic schedule, family commitments and traveling, I can only do about 3–4 days a week.

What does exercising mean to you?

I like the adrenaline and keeping my body in good shape. I get grumpy when I don’t exercise… ask my wife!

Why make earphones and not headphones?

I use headphones for work, but they are big and too heavy for traveling and the gym.  You can have lightweight earbuds that give you so much more freedom, especially without the wires. I believe in our tag line, “Cut the Cord, Not the Performance”.

Do you think there’s pressure on you to produce quality because of the nature of your work?

The pressure is not from anyone but me. I would only put my name next to a product that is high quality because music and sound are my life! It has to be good!

Take us through the process of having an idea to having the actual product?

It was a long process because we had to let go of the traditional wired earphones and adopt the latest technology. In my view, wired earphones will be dinosaurs in a few years’ time. Why be connected by wires when you have the freedom to move away from your device? Wireless is the future.

What precautions or health measures did you take with regards to health and safety?

In life, driving a car or just walking around Jozi can be a health hazard. Use common sense and adjust the volume to a level you are comfortable with.


Do you ever listen to your own music?  

I am over critical, but I am proud of my music.

Name three songs that are always on your workout playlist.

Anything from my Fresh House Flava 8 album that’s just launched! House music gets me going as it has a lot of beat and rhythm.

Exercising to you is…

…an absolute necessity for my sanity. I wish more young people would indulge in sport. Team sports are great for motivation and making friends.

How much music do you listen to at home?

I try not to take my work home with me as I have my family. The music my kids like is interesting. I love it when they tell me about the next best thing they just heard as if I am a nobody in music!

BUDDS by DJ Fresh retail for R699 on www.carmatepro.com/newsite. Order yours by entering the word BONAas a COUPON to qualify for the free cap.