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Steve Uria SWITCHES on with BUDDS By DJ Fresh!

By January 21, 2016 News No Comments
Steve Profile

If you haven’t already tried a SWITCH Playground class this year, now is the time to add it onto your new years resolution list! This killer workout combined with aspects of cardiovascular training, functional training, boxing, plyometric training, core stability and power-flow yoga was formulated by none other than fitness guru, Steve Uria.

To help enhance his continual active lifestyle, we thought he could do with a pair of BUDDS By DJ Fresh wireless, cordless earphones. Here’s what he had to say about his experience so far:

Tell us about your workouts, what does it consist of?

My workouts are high-intensity intervals with cardio, strength, functional, core and explosive plyometrics. Much like how my classes are structured.

What is your favorite workout track to listen too ?

I listen to all remixes of great songs, lots of deep house as well.

How has BUDDS By DJ Fresh changed your workout?

Definitely having the freedom of no wires! It’s awesome.

When do you mostly use them? Skyping? Working? Music or for fitness?

Purely for working out and whilst travelling.

Do you feel that your performance enhances whilst working out with your set of BUDDS By DJ Fresh?

Yes absolutely! You have the freedom to move.