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A quick catch-up with Danilo Acquisto and his experience so far with BUDDS By DJ Fresh!

By January 12, 2016 News No Comments
Danilo Questions FINAL

With his extremely busy work schedule as the new presenter on Afternoon Express, Danilo Acquisto tells us about his experience so far with BUDDS By DJ Fresh.

Tell us about your workout, what does it consist of?

I train 5 days a week with a personal trainer. Monday to Thursday is weight training focussing on the various muscle groups and then Friday’s for the last while I’ve been going to BODYTEC to get a full body muscle workout. I’m not intense at training – I go because I know it’s good for me but I’m not a gym bunny.

What is your favorite workout track to listen too ?

I like diversity. I usually put on playlists or stream something fresh every time. I don’t have one favourite.

How has BUDDS By DJ Fresh changed your workout?

What it has done is taken away the distraction of my phone. I can leave it in a close corner of the gym so I don’t have it constantly on me weighing my gym shorts down. That’s been awesome.

When do you mostly use them? Skyping? Working? Music or for fitness?

Mostly while I’m working. I get lots of emails and at studio everyone is wanting your attention so the only way to stay in the zone and get work done is to put on some music.

Do you feel that your performance enhances whilst working out with your set of BUDDS By DJ Fresh?

This is always a tough one to measure. Music always enhances my performance. It gives me the gees to get up and go.

Catch Danilo on Afternoon Express from Monday – Friday at 4pm on SABC3.

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