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Bluetooth Kits

  • Carmate Pro Mini

    • Hands free talking
    • Play music
    • Charge Phone
    • FM Modulator
    • Auto connect
    • Auto dims music for incoming calls and navigation commands
    • Music input via Bluetooth or TF card & USB


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  • Carmate Pro Mini Combo

    • Hands free talking
    • Play music
    • Charge Phone
    • Ideal for Google Maps and navigation
    • FM Modulator
    • Auto connect
    • Auto dims music for incoming calls and navigation commands
    • Music input via Bluetooth or TF card & USB
    • Supports MP3 input
    • includes AV Phone Holder


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  • Carmate Pro Mini Kit XSi



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  • Carmate Pro Uber Silver

    CarmatePro Bluetooth Car Converter Kit


    Bluetooth Car Converter

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  • Carmate Pro Uber Silver Combo


    Bluetooth Car Converter + Universal Phone Holder

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  • Carmate Pro Uber Silver Kit Xsi


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Combo Kits


  • Carmate Pro Aux Cable


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  • Carmate Pro AV

    • Compatible with 3.5-6.3 inch mobile phones, such as iPhone, Samsung, HTC, Nokia, Huawei, Blackberry
    • The cradle grip spread range: 52-90mm
    • Backside vent mounted design fits air vent blades for most cars
    • 360″ rotatable cradle, allows you to easily adjust the holder horizontally or vertically
    • For added safety, AV holder does not obstruct windscreen view.

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  • Carmate Pro CH

    • Carmate Pro Dual USB Fast Charge
    • Output 2.1 Amp / 1.1 Amp or 2100 Mha
    • Compatible with all mobile devices

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  • Carmate Pro Magnetic Air Vent Phone Holder


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  • Carmate Pro Powerbank


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  • Carmate Pro Travel Charger


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  • Carmate Pro UL

    • Charges 3 phones at once!
    • Travel Cable for Android and iPhone V3, 4, 5, 6 and iPad
    • 3 in 1 cable with 3 kinds of port: 8-pin, 30 pin & micro usb
    • Lighting 8-pin (charges with Apple iPhone 5/6, iPod touch 5t Nano 7th, iPad 4, iPad mini)
    • 30-pin (charges with Apple iPhone 4, 4s, iPod, iPad 1,2)
    • Micro usb – HTC, Nokia, LG, Sony etc. for charging
    • Light-weight, portable, convenient and easy to use

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"The Carmate Pro kit, designed to keep you hands-free and legal"

− Men'sHealth

"It's the cheapest way to go hands-free"

− TopGear

"It has a premium feel to it so not one of those traffic lights impulse buys"

− autotrader

"Carmate Pro is the latest must have car accessory"

− farmer's weekly

"The AV Phone Holder allows hands-free capability to safely receive incoming calls"

− Getaway

"You can make hands free calls and also integrate and play all of your own music"

− Women on Wheels

"What makes it stand out is its simple setup and easy to use Bluetooth interface"

− tech smart

"The controls allow for easy answering of calls, skipping tracks or adjusting volume"

− Drive for Him and for Her

"Carmate Pro is in support of Arrive Alive and takes safety very seriously"

− carmag.co.za

"It's possible, by means of an app, to use voice recognition to make hands-free calls"

− Popular Mechanics

"Drive while playing music, hands-free calling, GPS navigation & phone charging"

− Heat

"I set up Carmate Pro quicker than Charlie Sheen could find a bar"


"Carmate Pro for USB music, phone charging and phone holder and it's a game changer"

− MenStuff

"Carmate Pro bied handvrye antwoord van oproepe terwyl jy bestuur"

− Sarie.com

"It looks good and it connects perfectly into any cigarette 12v plugin in the car"

− cliffcentral.com

Set phone to Bluetooth / link to radio via FM


So your best mates just got the new BMW with all the bells and whistles and a dashboard display screen, even your sisters girlfriend has Bluetooth in her car and chats to her mates, your feeling guilty about driving around with the phone glued to your ear, or on your lap watching messages and maps, we all know it’s only a matter of time before bashing into the car in front, or getting nicked by the cops… now your starting to feel it’s time to upgrade your car or buy that expensive car kit.

With the plug and play universal Carmate Pro Kit you can convert to Bluetooth in a matter of seconds, talk hands free, play music, charge devices and navigate all with one device.  Included in the kit is the CarmatePro AV Phone Holder and turn your old jalopy into a top of the range dash board display. No more fumbling in your pocket or handbag to find your phone (which is rather dangerous) now watch navigation maps and checkout who’s calling, if it’s the boss simply ignore and have a great day.

So you managed to get rid of the CD’s  but  what’s the point of having that sweet Knight Rider theme song on your phone if you’re the only one that gets to appreciate it, now you can play all your favourite tracks via Bluetooth or USB & Micro SD, bad news your mates can also connect and bore you with their DJ efforts.

The Carmate Pro Mini kit requires no batteries as it connects effortlessly to the car’s lighter port. It also includes a micro USB output, allowing you to charge your devices on the road.

Now your hands free if everything goes well you can probably fire off some finger guns at the cute blonde in the  Merc who’s been checking you out. Except don’t. It defeats the purpose of a hands-free kit completely, but then she paid over R300,000 for her new wheels  and you only paid R599 so who’s the daddy now!


Carmate Pro 4.1 Universal Bluetooth Hands Free Kit

Converts any car to Bluetooth (Text)

No More Holding phones / No More Dangerous Phone Calls